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Few things will offend potential customers and cause them to leave a retail establishment with haste like the presence of a foul odor. Rather than relying on chemical-based products that only mask smells in the air, more and more business owners are choosing to use a commercial-sized air diffuser to keep their stores smelling great at all times. Before rushing out to purchase equipment, it is essential to research the following items, which will ensure a system is designed to deliver reliable service and keep a large space smelling fresh and clean.

HVAC Connection

The easiest way to disperse the mist expelled from the diffuser is to connect it to the HVAC system of a building, which will utilize the ductwork system to provide even coverage through each section of a facility. A system that supports HVAC connections will make it easy to pipe an aroma through a commercial structure and ensure that each room receives even coverage. Even distribution is the key to keeping a building smelling fresh and preventing missed zones or high concentrations of the aroma products.

Cold Air Diffusion Technology

Most diffusers utilize a heating mechanism to activate the aromatherapy oils, which not only creates an unnecessary amount of heat but may also lead to excess power usage. A diffuser that utilizes cold air technology will not add additional warmth to a room and will consume significantly less energy. Systems that use cold air technology are also silent during operation, which means the device won’t become an annoyance.

Ease of Use

The operation of a diffuser should be simple, and units that utilize a cartridge system prevent the need for mixing oils with water, which saves time. Just replace the empty oil container when the diffuser stops operating, and within five minutes a stream of aromatized air will begin flowing throughout a building. Most systems also make it easy to change out the oil used, giving a business owner the ability to create a custom scent for any occasion.

An aromatherapy device is the best way to give any building a more welcoming atmosphere. The team at AromaTech offers a complete line of units that are perfect for small to large spaces. Be sure to contact us today to learn more and make any office space more relaxing and comfortable.