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How to Identify, Hire and Work with the Right Moving Company

Unlike a decade or so ago where people were stuck in one place for a very long time, moving from one house to another has become the order of the day today. The fact that so much moving is taking place means very little goes wrong in the process nowadays. Even so, you cannot afford to work with the wrong team of movers. Rest assured there are those unscrupulous movers and scammers even in this moving industry, more reason to be careful with whom you work with. A good way to minimize your chances of a bad experience is to ensure you are informed each step of the way until your goods reach their intended destination in good shape. Here is how to identify, hire, and work with the right team of movers.

First you must know how the movers arrive at their charges for moving? For most people, the cost is arrived at based on how much the goods weigh, and how much space they occupy in the moving truck. A good moving company should take enough time to take note of all moving inventory so they can determine the actual weight and bulk of what needs to be moved. A good estimator should check all storage places including bookcases, garages, drawers, cupboards etc. just so they can get an accurate estimate. Be prepared to respond to whatever questions the estimator may be having regarding the nature of items that need to be moved. These could be items that you plan to donate to charity, give away, leave behind or sell in a yard sale.

Never agree to pay the entire amount of a large deposit before your goods are delivered to their final destination. To avoid fraudulent activities, be sure to make a payment using a credit card just to get you covered. It is also important to ensure you work with a transparent moving company, especially in regards to their business and transparency in their name. Some companies will try to dodge being assessed by the Better Business Bureau, hence will come with all manner of names. You cannot afford to work with a shoddy company so ensure you verify the company has a physical address with relevant information about insurance and licensing. How about you place a call to the company to see how the employees will respond to the phone call; they should be ready to use the official company name as seen both online and as per their physical address. All these are measures to protect you in case something goes wrong when moving your valuables from one point to another.

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