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What to Know About Storing DEF

Diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, is essential for controlling emissions from diesel engines. It is effective, non-toxic, odorless, and washes off surfaces easily. It is easy to use and cost-effective when compared to fines for non-compliance with regulations, and it’s efficient. One full tank of fluid can last for up to seven thousand miles depending on the speed driven and weight of the load.

One Drawback

There is one drawback to diesel exhaust fluid. It is corrosive to metals. This is critical to keep in mind when storing and pumping the fluid. Containers and pumps must be made of nonmetallic materials that will not contaminate the fluid. A pure fluid operates more efficiently than a low-quality one or a high-quality one that has been exposed to metal, outside air, or low temperatures.

Benefits of Pure Fluid

The benefits of pure fluid include lower total emissions, fewer repairs to the exhaust system, and longer trips without adding more fluid. An end-to-end system that includes product, delivery, proper storage, and pumping systems will maintain purity, ensure fluid is on-site when needed, and save money and time for fleet managers.

Storage Options

There are a variety of storage options to accommodate needs, space constrictions, and weather conditions. The fluid freezes at twelve degrees Fahrenheit, so some storage systems, like the mini-bulk system, are heated. Others are equipped with insulated covering for tanks that are stored outdoors or indoors in cold storage rooms.

Portable storage systems are available to bring the fluid to the trucks, which is ideal for a small or crowded lot. Thirty-gallon storage containers up to twenty-thousand-gallon underground tanks are offered. Consult a representative to determine which storage system and delivery schedule will suit the size of the fleet.

Every Component Considered

The whole exhaust fluid system is designed to avoid contamination. That includes fittings, pumps, covers, and caps that open to accept bulk delivery from the company. There are several ways fluid can be compromised, so systems of all sizes are engineered to prevent contamination.

Why spend money on pure fluid only to have it contaminated, become less efficient, and compromise the entire exhaust system? Invest in a high-quality product that will remain pure via a well-designed storage and pumping system.