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Important Things That Will Help You Stop Puppy Biting

If one has just bought a new puppy, sometimes they happen to bite and back as they are in a new place where it can’t see the people who it is familiar with. The puppy can end up biting thinking that it is playing and you end up bleeding. The best thing is keeping away from the puppy that bites. Below are important things that will help you be able to stop puppy biting.

First, do not hit the puppy when it starts biting the people around the house and the items around. When you hit it the puppy can end up been afraid of you. You should communicate with it by saying it to stop and showing it that you are sad and leave it alone. You should not show it that you are friendly, but it just has to stop whatever it is doing. The puppy will know that it has wronged you.

There should be times when you are free to watch the dog and not always play with you. That will enable the puppy to stop biting too much.

Take the puppy to be taught how to behave itself. The puppy trainers know how to deal with the puppy. It will have other dogs around it, and it will be able to copy what other dogs are doing. That will make the puppy know what is wrong and what is wrong . It will make it easier for the puppy to connect with the others.

Toys are the best thing to give puppies as they will cool down and won’t end up destroying anything. They always like biting as they want to sharpen their teeth and make them secure. When it starts biting the furniture show it that you are not happy with what it is doing and give it its toy to bite. That will make the puppy know that it is not supposed to be doing that.

In case the puppy bites you make it realize that you have felt pain and don’t hang out with it . It will know that it is terrible to bite. The puppy will see that you are sad, and you don’t want to stay with it. But do not restrict all the time from biting, this is because that is the only way you can form the bond between you and the puppy. The puppy feels nice when you get to play at times with it. The puppy will learn from the games you play with it. Let it bite so that it can sharpen its teeth and know who is not part of the family .

The Best Advice About Care I’ve Ever Written

The Best Advice About Care I’ve Ever Written