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Work Near the Beach at Cane Bay Partners

Professional work can be stressful, demanding, and difficult. Long hours, brainstorming, and collaborating with colleagues in countless meetings can make the day seem to last forever. Leaving a skyscraper to commute for over an hour on a train to get home adds to the time away from family. Eliminate some of the stresses and hassle created by distance and work near the beach on the US Virgin Island of St. Croix.

All the Work Excitement

Most professionals are excited and challenged by the work. The issues stem from the work environment, the noise, and a cut-throat atmosphere of competition. Leave the noise, the hustle, and the smog for life in a thriving community, much less noise, and a laid-back attitude. Keep the excitement and rewards of the job and embrace the relaxing lifestyle. Learn about career opportunities online and take the first step by filling out the application.


As a leader in management consulting for businesses in the financial industry, Cane Bay Partners has vacancies for information technology (IT) professionals, analysts, scorecard developers, and experienced business management consultants. Global clients count on the agency for new product development, portfolio management, collections modeling, service provider analysis, and risk management. Cutting-edge technology, customized solutions to meet unique business needs, and a team approach to improving business performance ensure the job will never get boring.

The website is a wealth of information concerning the company, founders, community involvement, areas of specialty, and how the team approach provides clients with value-added services. Each focus area is described in detail to give professionals a general idea of what to expect from the job and what expectations are of professionals. More information can be found on the LinkedIn profiles of the founders and the news section on the site.

Ready for a Change?

People who feel invigorated by the action in the big city will not want to consider such a drastic change of pace. Professionals who often wonder if there is another way to climb the ladder and still get home for dinner a few nights a week will want to learn everything possible about St. Croix, the cost of living there, and available vacancies.